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Effective Meditation, The Missing Link

Once upon a time, thirty some years ago I began my meditation practice. It all started in my junior year of college at chilly Northern Michigan University. I was initiated into a popular meditation tradition. In the intervening years, I have struggled to keep this practice going and over time because of the struggle, I have invested a lot of money into other types of meditation that promised to help me clear my mind of thoughts.

How to Calm Your Mind

When one feels nervous about something, it interferes in one’s way of facing the situation in a reasonable and logical way. Instead of getting the job done, it can divert the focus away from the things that require addressed or accomplished.

World Meditation – Part 3

Mindful meditation is probably the most effective type of meditation but the most difficult to do. Isn’t that the way it always is?

World Meditation – Part 2

In the first article we looked at the different aspects of concentration and how it can calm an overactive mind. In this article we will take a look at another type of meditation practiced around the world – that of thoughtful meditation.

Core Energy Meditation Review – Kevin Schoeninger’s Techniques Decoded

Absolutely no matter what style you are generally, wherever you live life and precisely how much know-how you possess, I am just about to help teach to you the one hundred percent foolproof solution that guarantees to help instantly relieve virtually any ugly thought, feeling or belief by using easy to use spiritual techniques. Here will be your results.

World Meditation

This is one of three articles meant to introduce the aspiring meditator to the various types of meditation practiced throughout the world. It is meant as a signpost to guide individuals as they begin their journey into the world of calm and relaxed minds.

How Can Manifestation Meditation Helped Me

What is “Manifestation Meditation” and why should we do it and how can it help me. We have probably all heard the saying, “if you think you can do it, you can!

Meditation and Peace of Mind

In these days of layoffs, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and two or three part time jobs, we all need all the help we can get to relax and learn different types of easy relaxation techniques. One of the most common goals of people who practice meditation on a daily basis in the United States is relaxation.

Easy Meditation

Meditation is as natural to the human body as eating or sleeping, but through a hectic life full of distractions and an uncontrolled mind, we have drifted apart from this knowledge. Here are 4 things to consider to meditate easily.

Candle Meditations For Astral Projection – How Your Flame Can Bring Your Spirit Out

Concentration and focus is probably the main two factors that will be required for this practice. The one this that makes astral projection possible however is desire! Passionately desire and will this to happen with consistency, and it will happen.

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