5 Ways Guided Meditation Helps You Relax & Renew

Guided meditation provides a fast, simple and effective way of uniting with your inner source of wisdom and well-being. Powerful visualization, progressive relaxation and reflection techniques help you achieve increased feelings of calm, peace, balance and profound relaxation.

Colour Meditation

Colour meditation is a particularly creative type of active visualization. Take control of your stress and anxiety. Choose your colour and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Healing Meditation and Holosync

Is it possible to heal yourself just by practicing meditation? Even though there are a lot of physical illnesses that are caused by outside influences like germs etc., most of the illness that is suffered in the Western World can be traced back to stress!

Achieving Perfect Meditation

You will find a lot of hype on the internet and on books about achieving perfect meditation, but the key to meditation is finding what works for you. I don’t know about you, but I’m not perfect by any means.

Meditation – Not For the Faint Hearted

We all get stressed–run down; upset. We all get angry–we get annoyed at others easily and we can’t sleep well. But there are a few that realise the positive powers of meditation; of what practicing the methods can do to help us in our mind, body and spirit. Mediation is not just for the spiritual–it’s for people who want balance, want clarity.

Get Your Priorities Right – Meditate

At present, people are anything but calm! Yet, a calm, focused mind works wonders. If you are calm, you stop reacting and start taking real action. Calm develops your peace of mind which, in turn, affects others – because state of mind is contagious. In fact calm affects people way beyond your own friends and family and can even reduce crime rates. We all need to calm down – to put our own peace of mind first. We all need to meditate.

Simple Meditation For Beginners

There are many best methods of meditation for beginners. For simple yet effective meditation read here.

Finding the Perfect Meditation Posture

If you looking for the best and very easy meditation postures you have to read this. Find them here.

Zen Buddhism

Bodhidharma spent his time in China trying to change people’s views on Buddhism because of their wrong view on the religion. While he was there he met Emperor Wu of Liang, who had a high interest in Buddhism and spent a lot of public wealth on funding Buddhist monasteries in China. Much of Zen history comes from mythology. Scholars believe that Zen was used in yogic practices such as kammatthana and kasina. Kammatthana is the consideration of objects and kasina is the total fixation of the mind.

Advantages of Meditation

If you are curious about the benefits of meditation, you should know that meditation has many. It has been proven by recent surveys that meditation helps in the cure of mental as well as physical ailments. Many people are interested in meditating, as it is provides a remedy to many of their problems without any side effects. However, before starting to meditate you should be well aware of what meditation is.

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