Improve Your Mental Awareness During Mediation With Meditation Bells

Yes, it is possible to reach a pure contemplating mind through meditation. On the other hand, it has been proven that using a meditation bell in your daily practice can highly contribute to the progress of your mental awareness. What is a meditation bell? Want to find out more? Read this article!

Techniques For Ultra Deep Meditation

To be able to practice ultra deep meditation there are some techniques that have to be followed. Ultra deep meditation is harder to practice if you have never tried a normal meditation method first.

De-Stress Yourself With Meditation For The Beginner

These are six suggestions for successful meditation practice for the beginner. Prepare yourself physically. Prepare yourself physically by doing Yoga or stretches before you begin Meditation.

Why Now is the Time to Start a Meditation Practice

Years ago when I was a yoga teacher, I was facilitating a class in meditation and was looking around to see how people were doing. One person in the class looked completely freaked out, distracted, and utterly puckered up. Tight. Resisting with every fiber of her being. I walked over to her, and whispered, “Are you okay?” She shook her head and said, “I’m so scared that if I let go, the devil will come in.”

How to Meditate For Beginners – 5 Easy Steps

Learning how to meditate for beginners may sound difficult, but it is actually quite simple. You simply need to follow five essential pieces of advice.

5 Reasons Meditation is For Everybody

When most of us think of meditation, we think of the ‘traditional’ benefits associated with meditation over the centuries. Some of these benefits are a greater feeling of peace and compassion, enlightenment in the sense of greater clarity and understanding and a deeper knowledge of self. But there are other lesser known benefits that even a simple, consistent meditation practice can help you achieve. Here are five of those benefits which have been proven by Western research.

The Main Seven Chakras For Beginners

The main seven chakras and their positive and negative qualities are discussed. The benefits of the awakening of the dormant kundalini energy residing at the base chakra are also indicated.

Relaxing For SATS

Our mind is like traffic, constantly moving and flowing. Every once in a while, it is good to let the traffic come to a standstill, while you relax. While you are studying or doing your homework, try to stop every hour or half an hour, just for a few moments. Close your eyes, stay very still and take in 3 deep breaths.

Few Different and Important Types of Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is a universally-accepted process of cleansing, healing and restoring the mind, body and the spirit practiced not just in today’s modern world, but in ancient cultures. Yogis, or people trained with the ancient art of meditating, proclaim meditation as the highest state of mind, where clarity and self-awareness is achieved, producing a kind of mystical peace and tranquility. Meditation and yoga, which is a highly structured mental and physical meditation, are propagated by many schools of thoughts.

Astral Projection Made Easy

As we make our way through a world that moves at an incredibly fast pace, we sometimes get caught up in this tidal wave of energy. Sooner or later, many of us, will begin to question whether or not we are willing to be swept away with the masses. Usually this feeling comes with a special happening or maybe we notice someone else, and most times these feelings simply happen with time and age. In our journey to find a solution that will help separate us from the vacuum that is life, we may come across methods of meditation, such as yoga, chakra, or even hypnosis. But one method that has really affected many people in a big way is Astral projection.

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