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Imaginative Meditation – Personalized and Unconventional Methods That Work

Just offering some advice on how to meditate your own way. What works for others may not work for you. An example of creative and effective meditation.

Benefits of Meditation – How it Can Change Your Life

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and for that length of time many wiser races have realized the importance of this practice. It’s only in the last 100 years or less that the “modern” Western world has started to embrace meditation as an important part of daily life.

Can’t Sleep? Try Meditation

Many people cannot sleep at night. They try wearing socks, drink relaxing herbal teas or take tryptophan or melatonin, read a book, keep a stress journal, and try all sorts of other expedients to help them fall asleep and get a good nights rest. What if I were to tell you that you could use this downtime as a chance to practice meditation?

What is Your Meditation Style?

Yes, You Can Meditate! Meditation is one of the major keys to probably everything we would like to create in out life. People want the quick, the easy. But meditation can be both of those things once you throw out the “shoulds” in your expectations of it and find out what works for you.

Meditation – The Mental Benefits

Meditation is an up and coming treatment to help alleviate one of the biggest problems faced by many people today: an overactive mind. Though being busy is typically a good thing, dealing with racing thoughts on a daily basis can often to lead to stress and tension. Meditation is beneficial as a treatment for anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.

Why Meditation?

People the world over have turned to meditation for thousands of years. Why? What does meditation provide us with as humans that simply co-existing on planet earth might not be able to provide us with? The clue is in the meditation itself.

Binaural Beat Meditation

Reaching a true state of meditation can help us to achieve many positive health benefits. Learn how binaural beat recordings work and how they can help us to reach the Alpha state and even the Theta state of consciousness within minutes.

Simple Relaxation Techniques to Free the Mind and Body

This is a quick meditation exercise that becomes habit forming. If practiced regularly you will be able to reach a point where you can call upon this technique and your body will relax very quickly.

Meditation – 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Started

Meditation is a fundamental approach to a healthier, more vital you. It will calm your emotions and help you to think clearly. You can get more out of your day with just a simple five minute meditation.

The Point of Meditation – Just Be

Just be…I hear it all the time from my friend but never really understood what it meant. You see, I am the type of person who always needs to be doing something, whether it be for my family, my friends, my neighbors…You get the picture. This all means no time for me.

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