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Learning to Breathe – Critical For Meditation

How you breathe is very important in meditation. Breathing normally isn’t enough to put your body and mind into the right contemplative state for meditation.

Meditation For Kids, Why Not Consider It?

Most people don’t think about making their daily meditation practice a family affair but kids can benefit a lot from a daily meditation routine. Doctors have found that kids who suffer from ADD, ADHD and other disorders get a lot of relief from daily meditation and relaxation.

Meditation Poses – Sukhasana is For You

So you know that basic position for meditation is sitting cross legged, but how many other meditation poses do you know? There are more of them than you might think.

Meditation Breathing Tips

There is more to Meditation breathing than just taking long, deep breaths although that is a good place to start. Once you are meditating on a more regular basis and you want to start achieving deeper levels of meditation and relaxation you will need to try using different breathing techniques to help you reach those goals

Meditation Techniques – The Joy of Being Present

To be present in the moment is a joy that all can experience. Learn to go into this state and get tips on how to stay there.

Start Meditating – Here is Your Step One

So you realize the power and usefulness of meditation, and the biggest challenge is now how to start. Everyone is different, so the meditation tools that work for one person might not be the same ones that help you meditate. There is a crucial step that you have to make before your start your meditation sessions.

Universality – An Approach To Meditation

Meditation is a natural process. It is a natural talent to be able to relax, uplift and expand the mind. It is uncommonly practised and so we have to re-educate ourselves until the natural ability returns to us. There is no great intellectualization required in Meditation. Meditation is not accomplished through intellectual skill or application but by the simple qualities of humility and sincerity of the soul who seeks truth.

What Do You Do to Relax – Experts Say It’s Essential

Those who charge off into the sunset and do not relax will most likely end up with early aged heart attacks we are told. This is the conventional wisdom and the experts say it is essential to relax. Not long ago someone asked “just curious, what do you do to relax?

The 10 Minute Meditation MP3 Solution to Stress

Meditation is a great way to relax and de-stress in this high speed, hustle and bustle world. The problem is that too much to do and too little time is one of the main causes of stress. And meditation takes time to learn doesn’t it? Well, no. One thing modern technology has done is to make the benefits of meditation available to all of us, without the learning curve.

Top Two Excuses For Not Meditating

Meditation is the act of quieting the mind and focusing inward. Meditation is used as a tool to increase creativity, find self-awareness, commune with the Divine, or just to relax. There are hundreds of excuses that people use not to meditate, and they’re all just that – excuses

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