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4 Step Guide to Meditation and Stress Control

Stress is everywhere in our lives. Diabetes, can be helped with Meditation and helps us to live life stress free…

Effective Meditative Practices Help With Personal Goal Setting

Visualization is a key element to finding self-fulfillment by discovering first one’s emotional and spiritual balance. When done effectively, visualization techniques guide in the process of setting one’s personal goals.

Delta Brainwaves – The Ultimate Meditation, Part II

In Delta Brainwaves – The Ultimate Meditation, Part I, we looked at the great health benefits of achieving the delta state of consciousness. In this article, we will focus on the psycho-spiritual benefits. While some of the following goals can be attained in the theta state – which is itself a deep level of awareness seldom experienced by most people – delta really is the ultimate meditation in many ways.

Delta Brainwaves – The Ultimate Meditation, Part I

Delta brainwaves display the lowest frequency of the four brainwave patterns most commonly observed in the human brain. Occupying a range between 0.5 and 4.0 hertz, the only brain wave that is any deeper (below 0.5 Hz) is the mysterious Epsilon wave. For all practical purposes, delta is as deep as we meditators can go. And there are many wonderful reasons to go there!

Meditation – How to De-Stress

We are living in times of fear and uncertainty. Many of us are experiencing deep and wrenching changes. Under these circumstances, it is easy to feel out of control and it has never been more important to gain control over our reactions. Meditation is a deceptively simple and powerful tool to enable you to do exactly that. Read on to learn more.

Why You Should Be Using Meditation in the Workplace

It is a well understood fact that such repetitive jobs like laboratory testing, and other assembly line type of work, may cause an overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety, as the workers deal with such levels of repetition. It is not uncommon to feel claustrophobic, extreme anxiety, as well as high levels of stress, as you learn to cope with the monotony that is repetitive work.

Meditation Tips to Achieve Peace

Peace of mind is a much sought after element especially in stressful times in our lives, and with a few meditation tips can be easier for anyone to achieve. The key for using these meditation tips is practice. Set aside at least 5 minutes each day when you will have the opportunity to devote your time to practicing the techniques for meditation. Once you experience the calm attained through meditation, you will no doubt wish to increase the time spent practicing the steps. Do not rush the process. While the peace felt is a very desirable result, more important is your control over achieving the feeling. This control can only be obtained through regular, structured practice.

A Quick Guide to Taoist Meditation

The daily stress and anxieties faced in the workplace and personal lives are the cause of mental and physical duress for many; a condition that can be greatly eased by practicing the art of Taoist meditation. Choosing Taoist meditation is choosing to produce, alter and circulate the energy force within you. Once an individual has attained this energy, they will have the ability to utilize the force toward the betterment of their life. The energies of the body, the emotions and the mind are all used to resolve issues and problems as well as to achieve a higher level of spirituality.

Achieve the Right Meditation Posture With Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushions

If you are new to meditation it is important to understand that meditation in the physical realm is being able to physically relax and let go of your thoughts, which allows your mind to go into a deeper state of relaxation and develop and awareness of your inner being. The goal of meditation is to help you achieve a higher state of consciousness and greater self awareness. For the beginner, your first goal is to achieve a more relaxed and peaceful frame of mind. Sitting on zafu or zabuton meditation cushions provides a comfortable place to relax and focus your thoughts.

Visualization Only Works Sometimes – Discover What You Need to Do to Make it Work All the Time

Visualization is an effective tool to use with the law of attraction. But you need to know the right way to do it or else it won’t work.

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